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UW in the High School

For Students & Parents

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Through UW in the High School, high school students can take challenging UW courses at their high school and start earning college credit. UWHS offers a large selection of courses on topics such as comparative literature, calculus, global health and Chinese.

Who Can Enroll

If you’re a high school student who has completed any prerequisite coursework and has a B+ average in courses in the subject area or permission of the instructor, you are eligible to register through UWHS to take UW courses for credit. Learn about who can enroll.

Registration & Fees

By registering through UWHS, you can earn UW credit at a fraction of the cost you would pay on campus. Find out about UWHS registration and fees.

After You Register

Once you've registered, you may want to set up a UW NetID so you can access online services at the UW. Find out steps you can take after you register

Drops & Withdrawals

Need to drop one course or withdraw from all your UW courses? Get information about drops and withdrawals.

Grades & Transcripts

UW courses taken though UWHS use UW’s grading system and appear on your official UW transcript. Learn about grades and transcripts.


The credits you earn through UWHS count toward degree requirements if you later enroll in the UW, or can be transferred to many other colleges and universities. Find out about credits.